More Able Children

­At Coppice we are committed to enhancing and extending the learning experiences of the more able. More able children are identified by teachers as:

“Those children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with potential to develop those abilities).” The DCSF (Department for Children, Schools and Families), the predecessor of the Department for Education (DFE)

More able children’s talents may lie in one area of the curriculum or be more wide reaching. At Coppice we are driven to provide these pupils with a high level of challenge. This drive for excellence starts in the classroom with the more able working on in depth, complex investigations and challenge activities. Further provision is through.

  • More able children are set aspirational targets, which all teachers are committed to ensuring children are successful.
  • More able musicians are able to learn a wide range of musical instruments, join one of the schools rock bands or the choir.
  • More able sportsmen and women excel at Coppice due to the wide range of before school, lunchtime and afterschool clubs. (for more information please see the clubs page).
  • Coding club provides opportunities for the more able computer programmers.
  • Achievements gained out of school are encouraged and celebrated in family assembly every Thursday morning.
  • We have a more able maths team in Years 4 and 5 which take part in completions run by King Edwards School.
  • Enrichment activities are offered to children in many area of the curriculum. This year’s program of events can be seen below.
Two more able children attend each of these workshops


Date        Title Focus Yr Group
Wednesday 25 Sept More than just Numbers!


Problem Solving at greater depth




Thursday 10 Oct


GT Xxtravaganza Choral event – Singing from the Shows


Thursday 7 Nov  Powerful Words – Powerful Writing Composing & Creating – Fictional writing


Wednesday 21 Nov In the Art Studio Art morning in conjunction with Solihull School Art Dept Y4/5
Wednesday 15 Jan What can we find out?? Practical Science morning Y5
Tuesday 4 Feb Hidden in the Wall..

Dug up by a Digger..

Artefact handling session

Discovering stories behind the artefacts

Wednesday 4 March Bytes, Bits & Browsers Exploring challenges through IT Y5
Tuesday 18 March More about Maths Developing Mathematical Thinking Y5
Thursday 30 April


Murder at Midnight Detection & Sleuthing with lots of problem solving & reasoning Y4
Wednesday 20 May What Next? Developing Storyline & Depth


Friday 19 June How does that Work? Practical D&T session Y5
Wednesday 1 July Writers at Work Story building & Developing storylines Y3