Safeguarding is a priority for us at Coppice Junior School. We have recently invested in new gates and CCTV to further secure our premises and our staff all work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of our pupils.

We work collaboratively with outside agencies to ensure that our school has adequate arrangements to identify, assess and support children wherever needed.

Designated Safeguarding Lead professionals at Coppice Junior School are:

Mark Knowles (Headteacher and DSL)
Michelle Turpin (Assistant Head and DSL)
Claire Simpson (DSL)
Kristina Smith (DSL)

Our Safeguarding Governor is Sara Bremner.


We'll be happy to answer any questions


For practical and useful advice about how  to keep your child safe online visit . For more detailed information please see our policy on Keeping Children Safe online..

We recognise that children nowadays are very technologically advanced, sometimes more so than their parents / carers. We are always happy to provide assistance where possible

If your child is accessing the internet It is worth:

  • Asking your child to show you their favourite websites, apps and social media sites and what they do on them. Listen and show interest. You could also encourage them to teach you the basics of the site or app.
  • Asking them if anything ever bothers or worries them about going online. You could use examples of events from films and ask if they have ever heard of something similar happening. Talk in general about what children can do to stay safe online.
  • Ask them about who they chat to online and whether they know and trust them ‘in real life'.
  • Talk about the importance of privacy settings and how they can help your child stay in control of what they share with others.
  • Talk to your child about how their online actions can affect others. Remind them to consider how someone else might feel before they post or share something.